After being on a record label for our entire career, in 2012, we decided to go independent.  We released our album Cryptopsy and we were extremely pleased with the outcome.  Supported by our fans, we distributed and sold thousands of albums across the entire globe and had the opportunity to tour Japan, Western and Eastern Europe, the UK, South America, ScandinaviaCanada and we even got to play on a metal cruise ship. Without fans coming out to the shows, buying our merchandise and our music, this would never have been possible.

Cryptopsy has a lengthy writing process as we strive to top our previous release and challenge ourselves creatively.  After three years, many of you are eager to hear new material.  We listened: Instead of an album, we will release a series of EPs entitled The Book of Suffering. This approach will allow us to put out new music more often while remaining true to our standards of quality.

With your support, we will be able to fully share our creative vision of extreme technical music through enhanced sound, original artwork, videos and live show visuals.

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