Flo Mounier - Official Website

Flo Mounier has officially relaunched his website www.FloMounier.com, check it out to stay up to date with all of his projects, request lessons, or simply to watch new videos of Flo playing.

Digital Doomzday

Flo Mounier: Digital Doomzday is a Band that Combines Apocalyptic story telling laid out over heavy grooves and uptempoed Chaotic soundscapes featuring members from The Roman empire, Cryptopsy and ex- into eternity.

Temple of Thieves

Flo Mounier: Temple of Thieves is formed of Michael Rock (vocals), John Ehlers (guitar), Chief Spires (bass), Stuart McConnell (guitar) and Flo Mounier (drums).

Nader Sadek

Flo Mounier: Flo contributed to the recording of New York-based visual artist Nader Sadek’s album In The Flesh.

The Grid Studio

Chris Donaldson: Producer and engineer Chris Donaldson has worked with Cryptopsy, The Agonist and Beneath the Massacre to name a few.


Chris Donaldson: Mythosis is a rich blend of death metal, industrial & hardcore. They take things to a  heavier level by blending intense grooves, brutal riffs, ambient sounds capes & edgy vocals to deliver a new genre of metal.

The Era Of

Matt McGachy: The Era Of is a four piece progressive rock band from Montreal, Quebec, Canada.  They have blended epic build-ups, soaring choruses and uplifting rock outs into their own eclectic style.


Oli Pinard: Forming in Montreal in 1994, NEURAXIS has forged a unique identity all their own since the band’s inception, combining sheer brutality with unparalleled melodicism and a progressive edge over the course of the band’s multiple albums.